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every merlin episode ever

  • evil sorcerer: performs evil magic
  • evil sorcerer: maniacal laugh
  • *****
  • arthur: omg merlin ur the worst servant ever
  • merlin: ur fat
  • arthur: go clean the horse shit off my boots asshole
  • gaius: long day?
  • merlin: how come no1 appreciates me
  • gaius: wow sorry ur life's so fucking hard
  • merlin: wut
  • gaius: eat ur porridge
  • merlin:
  • random knight: uther requests ur presence immediately
  • ******
  • uther: omg gaius this thing just gave eleventy eight knights a disease
  • uther: they r dying
  • uther: wats going on
  • gaius: well there's this legend of magic things doing this
  • uther:
  • gaius:
  • uther: lol the thats the dumbest shit i ever heard ur really stupid
  • gaius: no for realz
  • uther: omg
  • uther: not my division u go arthur
  • arthur: but pops
  • uther: did i fucking stutter
  • arthur: ok nvm
  • *********
  • merlin: arthur this is a fucking bad idea
  • arthur: i luv my daddy he said it was good so it is
  • merlin: no
  • arthur:
  • merlin:
  • arthur: whatevs im taking u with me
  • merlin: wut
  • arthur: ily
  • merlin: u2
  • arthur: wut
  • merlin: wut
  • ***********
  • arthur: hmm this twig tells me something has been here
  • knight: my lord its a monster
  • arthur: oh shit
  • knights: throw swords
  • arthur: it must be magic cuz nothing works
  • merlin: asgdf tfhtrdf filyghgtktf *eyes glow gold*
  • monster: runs away
  • arthur: wut
  • knights: wut
  • merlin:
  • arthur: wow merlin ur a fuckin scaredy cat
  • arthur: its a good thing u have me
  • arthur: i saved ur life
  • *************
  • arthur: daddy ily but the thingy is still out there
  • uther: ur a fucking disappointment
  • arthur: i kno
  • uther: try again 2morro u coward
  • arthur: ok ily
  • uther: go away fatass
  • *************
  • gaius: so wut happened
  • merlin: my powers r not strong enuff
  • gaius: i believe in u
  • merlin: arthur called me a scaredy cat
  • gaius: no ur not
  • merlin: thank
  • ****************
  • dragon: young warlock
  • merlin: hey gurl
  • dragon: how u been
  • merlin: ugh dont even get me started
  • dragon:
  • merlin:
  • dragon: well wtf do u want
  • merlin: how do i defeat this beast
  • dragon: idk
  • merlin: yes u do
  • dragon: u will understand when the time is ripe
  • merlin: what the fuck
  • dragon: 2 sides same coin
  • merlin: no he called me a scaredy cat
  • dragon: sometimes it lasts in luv but sometimes it hurts instead
  • merlin:
  • dragon:
  • merlin: fuck u
  • *****************
  • arthur: if i dont make it today merlin
  • merlin: yes
  • arthur: ....
  • merlin: wut is it my lord
  • arthur: ur not a scaredy cat ok
  • merlin: *blushes* ok
  • knights: um
  • arthur: omg its here look the monster
  • merlin: oh shit
  • knights and arthur: *hits monster with swords*
  • merlin: omg i hope arthur's ok
  • arthur: almost dies
  • merlin: fuck
  • merlin: ASDFGHVEVK WGFH TGN *eyes glow gold*
  • monster: *dies*
  • arthur:
  • merlin:
  • knights:
  • arthur: i did it
  • arthur: its a good thing i was here
  • arthur: to save merlin
  • arthur: i saved his life
  • arthur: ur still a scaredy cat merlin
  • merlin: fuck u
  • **************
  • uther: wow my son is so brave and dashing
  • arthur: i'd like to thank my knights and the academy
  • uther: wut a great prince amiright
  • merlin: fuck this shit
  • **************
  • gaius: im proud of u
  • merlin: thank
  • gaius: u still have to clean my leech tank haha
  • merlin: hahahahaha
  • gaius: hahahahaaaha
  • credits
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89/100 Bradley James

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"I go for really smart guys, ones who are well-read and can banter and argue. Men need to be able to take me out and have a few drinks, but by the end of the night we’ll be talking about Nietzsche."

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21/100 Pictures of Katie McGrath

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